holy [hō′lē]
holier, holiest [ME holie < OE halig (akin to Ger heilig) < base of OE hal, sound, happy, WHOLE: first used in OE as transl. of L sacer, sanctus, in the Vulg.] [often H-]
1. dedicated to religious use; belonging to or coming from God; consecrated; sacred
2. spiritually perfect or pure; untainted by evil or sin; sinless; saintly
3. regarded with or deserving deep respect, awe, reverence, or adoration
4. Slang very much of a: a generalized intensive [a holy terror]: Often used in interjectional compounds to express astonishment, emphasis, etc. [holy cow! holy smoke! ]
pl. holies
a holy thing or place
SYN.- HOLY suggests that which is held in deepest religious reverence or is basically associated with a religion and, in extended use, connotes spiritual purity [the Holy Ghost, a holy love ]; SACRED refers to that which is set apart as holy or is dedicated to some exalted purpose and, therefore, connotes inviolability [Parnassus was sacred to Apollo, a sacred trust ]; CONSECRATED and HALLOWED describe that which has been made sacred or holy, CONSECRATED in addition connoting solemn devotion or dedication [a life consecrated to art ], and HALLOWED, inherent or intrinsic holiness [hallowed ground ]; DIVINE suggests that which is of the nature of, is associated with, or is derived from God or a god [the divine right of kings ], and, in extended use, connotes supreme greatness [the Divine Duse ] or, colloquially, great attractiveness

English World dictionary. . 2014.